Nicole (matcha_pocky) wrote,

the end of an era.

I'm something of a lurker on livejournal.

While I don't post much, or even comment much, I do read just about everything that goes on on my friends page. If you wrote up what you had for breakfast, or posted pictures of your belly button with a funny face drawn on, or told everyone about what that slag Sharon said about our Jimmy at the party last week, I probably saw it. I'm like your creepy internet stalker. *

This era is, I suspect, coming to an end. My laptop of many years melted down a couple of months ago; today, I've moved to an open plan office. My computer screen is on display for all and sundry to gaze at. The pleasures of the internet have suddenly become guilty. No more Google image search, no more hitting on girls on the internet, no more steak and/or cheese. I'm experimenting with turning off images, but it's just not the same. People keep popping up over my shoulder to ask me important questions and nick my scissors.

So yeah, from now on, you can probably get away with re-using your internet material on me at parties.

Or can you? Can you?

* That said, I do draw the line at lyrics and what-donut-flavour-is-everyone-on-your-friends-list tests. Even creepy stalkers get sick of watching you playing minesweeper through your bedroom window for the seventh straight hour.
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