Nicole (matcha_pocky) wrote,

Great Southern Land

So I've got a big whack of annual leave saved up.

Everyone is too broke to jaunt off overseas with me on a whim, so I was thinking of finding a small sea to jaunt over, and maybe going to Tasmania for a week or so.

Thing is, I haven't been to Tasmania since I was about seven, and while faint memories of tall trees and flattened quolls by the roadside are very evocative, they aren't practical when actually planning a holiday.

Can anyone recommend things to do or see in Tasmania? Will probably be taking the car along, I mean, what's the point of having a car if you don't go on cheese-and-wine-and-quoll tours of Tasmania.

For inspiration, and for the edification and entertainment of those unable to offer advice, I have included a picture of a quoll. They so cute.

I do like doing and seeing pretty much anything, with the exception of hootenanny and sporting-type activities. And even hootenany I could be convinced.
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