Nicole (matcha_pocky) wrote,

Let me PICK YOUR BRAAAAINS... please

This week has been madness. By "this week", I actually mean the whole month since I left Melbourne Uni - time is malleable when you're unemployed - but the last ten days or so of this week has been particularly mad.

David has been packed off to Japan and has arrived intact, no exploded bags or missed flights, and has already been to one goth club, three temples, gotten lost several times and been overcharged for very factual peanuts (in a bowl and everything). He swears he's going to update his livejournal, t_r_i_p_e_, but I suspect he won't catch the keyboard bug. He just doesn't have the kind of semicolon-littered internal monologue required to sustain blogging.

I, on the other hand, am now the proud owner of one round-the-world ticket. Leaving just over a month from now.

I have to get everything booked and sorted azzap, but I need recommendations. For everything. Cockroach-free hostels, restaurants, tourist attractions, cheese and mop museums, ways of travelling, sneaky local tips, common methods of theft and bag-snatchery (heh) to look out for, competitive eating competitions, dates of frequent flooding, phrases that mean "I'm gonna smash that pretty face-plate of yours" etc.

I know a lot of you have been to the places I'm going, and I'd seriously appreciate any little tidbits or massive thirty-page essays you might have.

My destinations are as follows: Beijing, the DPRK (!!), Osaka, Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, possibly some other European city, New York, San Francisco.

If there's somewhere I absolutely must go, dahlink that's not on that list, put it down and maybe I can squeeze in a side-trip. Particularly in Europe, the travel agent got so excited about my trip that she convinced me to go for a month on the Continent with nothing planned beyond eat, sleep and hit on Irish people in the hostels.

Also, if there's anyone willing to take on the job of designing the website to be set up to find me when I'm kidnapped as a cut-rate chinese bride, give me a yell, I have some ideas in the mauve and mustard range and some animated GIFs of angels flapping their wings ready to go.
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