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So it looks like my round the world trip will be detouring back via a little city I like to call Melbourne. I checked the fine print on my travel insurance, spent some torturous minutes wrestling with the Japanese public telephone system, and it looks like I'm covered to come back for the funeral. Despite the blurry definitions of 'relative' where step-grandmothers are concerned.

I promise to post photos of this, my newest and most exotic destination, faithfully to my Flickr account.

Japan, by the way, is still fun. Their food remains delicious, their junk remains the best in the world, their people remain the most paradoxical combination of bland and fascinating one can imagine. Very little has changed since I left - shops are just where I left them, and the same guy is still selling cat-themed postcards at Kyobashi station, though the strawberry-cream daifuku are gone. Schoolgirls are still rolling their skirts up to scandalous heights (the current fashion is for short-shorts with over-the-knee black socks and bright shoes), salarymen still get drunk and have to ask the taxi driver to stop so they can throw up, people still have ridiculous toy dogs. Ame-mura, haven of alternative J-pop culture, plastic-fingernailed big-haired skanks and - gasp! - black men - is still considered a 'dangerous' place to go. Tiny gothic-lolita girls can be glimpsed in train stations and in the street. People tell you your Japanese is amazing after a 'hello'. Nice to be back.
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