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01 June 2007 @ 07:43 pm
Dearest Mama,

My week in Barcelona draws to an end. The weather continues clement.

I must say that when the idea of touring the Continent was first brought up, I was somewhat cautious; I suspected the rich foods and unpredictable climes would upset my digestion and ruin the balance of my humours. However Barcelona, or Barthelona as the locals charmingly lisp it, provides more than adequately the comforts of home. The locals are friendly and the young men call out inappropriate but charming greetings as ladies walk by.

I have toured the city and its marvellously-built follies, sampled the local sandwiches (or 'entrepans'), been astounded by all manner of wrought-iron balconies and quaint shops. They value art here greatly and I have been astonished with the works of Dali, Picasso and Miro that abound. I also visited the beach and have become quite red from the sun, unlike my normal pale self. I am sure it does me good, although it is quite painful!!

One thing that has surprised me is the excessive number of hounds in this city!! It seems the locals favour Man's Best Friend over the more elegant feline, and despite being largely unchained and allowed to wander as they will, they are well-behaved.

As well as hounds, this city boasts an excessive number of something not so pleasant - tourists. It is most dreadful when travelling to be reminded by the uncouth behaviour of fellow travellers that one is but a presumptuous visitor to a city, and to watch them scramble about purchasing castanets, keychains and stuffed bulls in mounds and walking aimlessly about the main street is something of a dampener on one's mood of discovery.

Still, I have largely avoided much trying on their behalf by simply avoiding the populous spots, and the company provided me in my hostel has been more than acceptable.

I shall write further on my arrival in Paris. Give my love to everyone.

Much love,
Foxe: scrolly!foxe on June 4th, 2007 12:13 pm (UTC)
This made me laugh :D

Coincidentally, another of my friends was also in Barcelona and his post appears right below yours on my friends page! I hope he was not one of the uncouth tourists of whom you speak, but I suppose I shall see whether there is any evidence of stuffed bulls or castanets about his person when I next see him...