Nicole (matcha_pocky) wrote,

Acquisitive urges

So I need a desk. The black ex-office monstrosity I've been using can't be coaxed into my bedroom, and I need a smaller model. I don't really feel like shelling out $300 for a bit of ikea chipboard veneer, and the salvos are really very, very creepy - they buy the good stuff from other op shops and then mark it up a thousand percent, meaning you have to go there because they have the best selection. My sofas, when I bought them, cost $95 - yet when I got them home and cleaned them, I found the original $5 stickers under the cushions.

My question is this: Does anyone have a hard rubbish collection coming up in their neck of the woods? Or their parents' woods? Councils are very secretive about them, in a highly-non-communistic way, but there's nothing quite like a good hard-rubbish trawl, and desks are a prime item - too big to get rid of easily, and very likely to be victims of the downsizing itch. If you happen upon a pile of washing machines and bicycle inner tubes on a nature strip, let me know.
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