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One of my secret fascinations is all things medical. Okay, it's really not that secret; I actually have many fascinations. Certain things that appeal to me. The colour blue, for example. Dissolving Life Savers to as thin a ring as possible. Anything relating to gemstones. I think everyone has these little fascinations, and they're one of the the things that make each human unique, as much as personality or phobias or physical attributes.

Medical fascination has to be one of the most common fascinations, but also one of the most interesting. Hospital dramas do well. Hospital reality TV brings in crowds. Post a picture of a tumour that has it's mother's hair and teeth, even if it is only made of wool blend, and the interweb will come. There's something undeniably fascinating about the ways the human body goes wrong - but it doesn't all have to be Zach Braff tripping over an inflatable pig or a sanctimonious voiceover by a cheap Australian actor or a non-knitted version of the above. There is a lot of fascination that surrounds the process of real-life, unvarnished medical treatment. As a result, medically themed blogs are ridiculously popular.

I keep up with a few medical blogs, but some of the most interesting are the ones that deal primarily with the people rather than the medical conditions - Nee Naw, Random Reality, paramedics, dispatchers, nurses - fascinating stories. They can only blog, since obscuring identity is paramount. When the governments of the world finally twig that posting on the internet is broadcasting, these little slices of reality will probably disappear entirely.

Last week, though, I happened on a new one, which I think is possibly the best-written blog I've ever read. Ever. It's by a London paramedic, it's called Siren Voices, and it can be found here:

I'm not a great advertiser of things, but my god, that is a damn fine pile of words.
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