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Thou painted maypole! Thou thief of love!
another cup of tea, awful 80's action flicks, bagging alan moore, bells as accessories, brainstorming on tablecloths, breathing, cats with soft bellies, chandeliers in odd places, cheating at solitaire, chewy meringues, chicken soup and knaidlech, collecting deformed gummi bears, contemplating my navel, conversational one-upmanship, dead-eyed child brides, defrauding the music industry, dictators in comfy chairs, doing focus groups, doing stuff, doing things, driving slightly too fast, drooling over obscure celebrities, drunken japanese communication, dull time-consuming craft projects, eating, eating raw milo, eggs benedict with avocado, faisant le jeu-de-role, finding my bedroom carpet, fork jewellery, gratuitous panty shots, haphazardly arranged bookstores, having witty conversations, hiding the portable phone, i like pillows, japanese boys with piercings, karaoke box whisky, kicking around, kushi-katsu tabehoudai, lamb chops with rosemary, late night sev runs, leering over blancmange, mayonnaise on practically everything, midnight drunken karaoke, misappropriating road signs, misquoting lovecraft, missing the last train, misunderestimation, misutaa donatsu maashyumarro kushiyoon, mogu! moooooguuuuu!, mooching, mr kipling's french fancies, nicking testers, nothing much, nutella by the spoonful, off-key k-pop, peeling off dried glue, people with interesting hair, postmodern hipster ironic kitsch, pretending i understand art, rating strangers out-of-10, relaxing, rereading old diaries, schmoo, serial-killing indoor plants, sneaking into another movie, speaking french while tipsy, spoonerising, staggering around plastered, statement jewellery, stealing nicoles interests, strippers covered in meat, stuff, suffering fools, taking dance classes, testing murphy's law, the lounge's turkish-bread steak-sandwiches, the tongue-cut sparrow, things, too much earl grey, trolling through op-shops, two dollar shop finds, using cds as coasters, volunteering for psychological experiments, wading barefoot in fountains, watching movies till sunrise, webtests, wishing i could draw